License Compiler (Lc.exe)

The License Compiler reads text files that contain licensing information and produces a .licenses file that can be embedded in a common language runtime executable as a resource.

lc /target:targetPE /complist:filename [/outdir:path]
/i:modules [/nologo] [/v]
Option Description
/complist:filename Specifies the name of a file that contains the list of licensed components to include in the .licenses file. Each component is referenced using its full name with only one component per line.

Command-line users can specify a separate file for each form in the project. Lc.exe accepts multiple input files and produces a single .licenses file.

/h[elp] Displays command syntax and options for the tool.
/i:modules Specifies the list of modules that contain the components listed in the /complist file.
/nologo Suppresses the Microsoft startup banner display.
/outdir:path Specifies the directory in which to place the output .licenses file.
/target:targetPE Specifies the executable for which the .licenses file is being generated.
/v Specifies verbose mode; displays compilation progress information.
/? Displays command syntax and options for the tool.


  1. If you are using a licensed control MyCompany.Samples.LicControl1 contained in Samples.DLL in an application called HostApp.exe, you can create HostAppLic.txt ** that contains the following.

    MyCompany.Samples.LicControl1, Samples.DLL
  2. Create the .licenses file called HostApp.exe.licenses using the following command.

    lc /target:HostApp.exe /complist:hostapplic.txt /i:Samples.DLL /outdir:c:\bindir
  3. Build HostApp.exe including the .licenses file as a resource. If you were building a C# application you would use the following command to build your application.

    csc /res:HostApp.exe.licenses /out:HostApp.exe *.cs

The following command compiles myApp.licenses from the lists of licensed components specified by hostapplic.txt, hostapplic2.txt and hostapplic3.txt. The modulesList argument specifies the modules that contain the licensed components.

lc /target:myApp /complist:hostapplic.txt /complist:hostapplic2.txt /complist: hostapplic3.txt /i:modulesList

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