<maxRequestLength> Element

Specifies the maximum size for incoming SOAP messages.

<microsoft.web.services2> Element
  <messaging> Element


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<messaging> Element

Controls the messaging settings for the Microsoft Web Services Enhancements.

Text Value

A text value is required. The text value specifies the maximum message size, in kilobytes (KB), supported by WSE. A value of -1 specifies that there is no limit. The default is 4096 KB (4 MB). The maximum value is 2,147,483,647.is the URL for the security token service.


Use the <maxRequestLength> element to prevent denial of service attacks caused by users posting large files to the server.

Before adding the <maxRequestLength> element to a configuration file, you must add the microsoft.web.services2 configuration section handler to the configuration file. For details about adding the microsoft.web.services2 configuration section handler, see <section> Element (WSE for Microsoft .NET).


The following code example specifies that messages must be less than 1024 KB (1 MB) in size.


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<messaging> Element