The Microsoft .NET Framework SDK samples provide instruction on various aspects of the .NET Framework. The samples are grouped so that you can easily locate the samples appropriate to your needs.

In This Section

  • Application Samples
    Provides a snapshot of complete .NET Framework applications. Some samples include information on a variety of related technologies.
  • Technology Samples
    Provides instructions for the implementation of a single development task or technology. Technology samples are designed to be brief and to the point.
  • Tutorials
    Provides detailed steps that demonstrate how to perform specific development tasks. The tutorials include instructional text and sample code.
  • QuickStarts
    Provides information about the QuickStarts, a series of brief, illustrated samples that demonstrate key .NET Framework technologies. The QuickStarts are grouped into three main categories to help you identify samples that are most relevant to your interests: ASP.NET QuickStart, Windows Forms QuickStart, and Common Tasks QuickStart.