SoapContext Class

Contains the WSE-specific features of a SOAP message. This class cannot be inherited.

Namespace: Microsoft.Web.Services3
Assembly: Microsoft.Web.Services3 (in microsoft.web.services3.dll)


Dim soapContext1 As SoapContext


NotInheritable Public Class SoapContext
public sealed class SoapContext
public ref class SoapContext sealed
public final class SoapContext
public class SoapContext


Web service clients access their SoapContext using the RequestSoapContext and ResponseSoapContext properties of a WebServicesClientProtocol. Web services access their SoapContext using the static Current property of the RequestSoapContext and ResponseSoapContext classes.

To access the current SOAP context from within a custom filter, use the SoapContext.Current property. The RequestSoapContext.Current and ResponseSoapContext.Current properties are not valid during pipeline processing when customs filters are in use.

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