Unmanaged API Reference

This section includes information on unmanaged APIs that can be used by managed-code-related applications, such as runtime hosts, compilers, disassemblers, obfuscators, debuggers, and profilers.

In This Section

  • Debugging (Unmanaged API Reference)
    Describes the Debugging Services API, which enables a debugger to debug code that runs in the CLR environment. The code to be debugged can be any type of code that is supported by the CLR.
  • Fusion (Unmanaged API Reference)
    Describes the Fusion API, which enables a runtime host to access the properties of an application's resources in order to locate the correct versions of those resources for the application.
  • Metadata (Unmanaged API Reference)
    Describes the Metadata API, which enables a client such as a compiler to generate or access a component's metadata without the types being loaded by the common language runtime (CLR).