Software Publisher Certificate Test Tool (Cert2spc.exe) 

The Software Publisher Certificate Test tool creates a Software Publisher's Certificate (SPC) from one or more X.509 certificates. Cert2spc.exe is for test purposes only. You can obtain a valid SPC from a Certification Authority such as VeriSign or Thawte. For more information on creating X.509 certificates, see the Certificate Creation Tool (Makecert.exe).

cert2spc cert1.cer [cert2.cer … certN.cer] outputSPCfile.spc


Argument Description


The name of an X.509 certificate to include in the SPC file. You can specify multiple names separated by spaces.


The name of the PKCS #7 object that will contain the X.509 certificates. You can use the .spc file as input to the File Signing Tool (Signcode.exe).

Option Description


Displays the command syntax for the tool.


The following command creates an SPC from myCertificate.cer and places it in mySPCFile.spc.

cert2spc myCertificate.cer mySPCFile.spc

The following command creates an SPC from oneCertificate.cer and twoCertificate.cer and places it in mySPCFile.spc.

cert2spc oneCertificate.cer twoCertificate.cer mySPCFile.spc

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