General Reference for the .NET Framework 

This section contains reference information related to the .NET Framework.

In This Section

  • ClickOnce Reference
    Describes the structure of the XML files used to represent ClickOnce applications.
  • CodeDOM Quick Reference
    Enables developers using the Code Document Object Model (CodeDOM) to search for CodeDOM elements by type and function.
  • Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries
    Helps library designers ensure that their users reap the benefits of API consistency and ease of use by providing a unified programming model that is independent of the programming language used for development.
  • MSBuild Reference
    Contains reference information for the new build system for Visual Studio.
  • Unmanaged API Reference
    Describes the API elements that runtime hosts call from unmanaged code to configure and load the common language runtime into a process.
  • ASP.NET Reference
    Provides basic information on how best to configure your own ASP.NET applications.