Adding New Device Adapters and Device SupportĀ 

Device manufacturers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and developers requiring device adapters for device-specific rendering of their ASP.NET mobile controls can all use ASP.NET mobile extensibility features to take advantage of the unique features of specific devices or new hardware. These features support working with multiple devices and enable developers to target a wide range of mobile devices. This section is directed toward developers who want to build support for existing ASP.NET mobile Web pages on new devices, and toward developers who want to write mobile controls that require adapters for device-specific rendering.

It is easier to add a new browser configuration file for a device than it is to write new device adapter code. You should consider writing new device adapter code only if you cannot describe the differences between your device and an existing device by adding a new browser file to either the browsers folder in the core configuration folder for the 2.0 version of the .NET Framework, or to an App_Browsers folder in your ASP.NET Web Site project. For details about browser configuration files, see Adding New Device Adapters and Device Support.


Installing third-party adapters introduces the possibility that security might be compromised. Be sure that you trust the adapter manufacturer.

In This Section

  • Adapter Mappings
    Provides coding techniques to writing a new device adapter for each supported device.
  • Control and Adapter Interaction
    Provides a step-by-step, in-depth summary of the interaction between controls and their device adapters during the life cycle of a control.
  • Types of Adapters
    Discusses the three types of adapters provided by ASP.NET for mobile applications: page, form, and control.
  • Device Template Support
    Provides recommendations for using device-specific templates supported by mobile controls.

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