C# Edit and Continue: error 4028 

Error Message

Modifying a generic method will prevent the debug session from continuing while Edit and Continue is enabled

This error indicates that you tried to modify a generic method. Edit and Continue does not support any modifications to the body of a generic method. It does support adding a call to a generic method however.

Consider the following code:

static class Utils


   public static T[] CreateArray<T>(int size)


      return new T[size];



class Program


   static void Main(string[] args)


      int[] array = Utils.CreateArray<int>(10);



If you add a breakpoint on return new T[size] in CreateArray, then start to debug the application and try to change size to size + 1, this error occurs.

To correct this error

  • Undo the changes, and then continue debugging without the changes.


    On the Debug menu, click Stop Debugging, make the changes, then start a new debugging session.

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