Using the CompensatableSequenceActivity Activity

The CompensatableSequenceActivity activity is a compensatable version of the SequenceActivity activity which implements the ICompensatableActivity interface. CompensatableSequenceActivity implements the ICompensatableActivity interface. By implementing this interface, the CompensatableSequenceActivity can have a CompensationHandlerActivity as a child. This activity will be executed in the event that the CompensatableSequenceActivity is ever compensated.

Compensation occurs only for successfully completed activities that implement ICompensatableActivity. Compensation can either be implicit as a result of an exception occurring in a parent activity, or explicit through the use of the CompensateActivity activity.

The CompensatableSequenceActivity is appropriate to use when there is non-transactional work to be done which, due to some error condition, may need to be undone later. For example, if a workflow has sent an e-mail message and, due to a later error, a retraction e-mail must be sent, this can be accomplished by placing the activity that sends the first e-mail into the CompensatableSequenceActivity activity, and the activity that sends the retraction e-mail into the corresponding CompensationHandlerActivity. The runtime will thus only run the compensation logic if the first CompensatableSequenceActivity completed successfully (that is, if the first e-mail was sent).

For information about the behavior of a SequenceActivity activity, see Using the SequenceActivity Activity.

For information about compensation, see Using the CompensateActivity Activity and Using the CompensationHandlerActivity Activity.

For a code sample that demonstrates how to use compensation, see Compensation Sample.

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