WCF Tracing

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides application instrumentation and diagnostic data for fault monitoring and analysis. You can use tracing instead of a debugger to understand how an application is behaving, or why it faults. You can also correlate faults and processing across components to provide an end-to-end experience.

WCF outputs the following data for diagnostic tracing:

  • Traces for process milestones across all components of the applications, such as operation calls, code exceptions, warnings and other significant processing events."

  • Windows error events when the tracing feature malfunctions.

In This Section

  • Configuring Tracing
    Describes how you can configure tracing at different levels to suit your specific need.
  • End-to-End Tracing in WCF
    Describes how you can use Activity Tracing and Propagation for end-to-end correlation to assist debugging.

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