Activities Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate how to use the activities provided with Windows Workflow Foundation.

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Compensation Sample

Demonstrates how to author compensation in a workflow.

ConditionedActivityGroup Sample

Provides a simple implementation of a ConditionedActivityGroup (CAG) activity.

Delay Sample

Demonstrates the use of the DelayActivity activity.

Nested Exception Handlers Sample

Illustrates how to use nested exception handlers in a workflow to catch and handle specific exception types at different stages in the workflow.

Simple Policy Sample

Shows how to create a workflow that uses the PolicyActivity activity to implement a discount workflow.

Advanced Policy Sample

Builds on the Simple Policy Sample to show the advanced capabilities that are available with a RuleSet.

Replicator Sample

Demonstrates a simple use of the ReplicatorActivity activity.

State Initialization Sample

Demonstrates the use of a StateInitializationActivity activity.

Suspend and Terminate Sample

Demonstrates the use of the two basic activities, SuspendActivity and TerminateActivity.

Synchronized Sample

Demonstrates how to author a workflow that synchronizes access to shared resources.

Throw Sample

Illustrates how to use the ThrowActivity activity, which enables you to model and throw an exception from a workflow. It also shows how to catch the exception in the hosting application.

While and Parallel Sample

Demonstrates the use of two parallel sequential code activities in a while loop activity.

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