Hosting Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate activities that are associated with hosting the Windows Workflow Foundation runtime engine.

In This Section

Canceling a Workflow Sample

Demonstrates how to exit a workflow that is waiting for an external event that will never transpire.

Persistence Host Sample

Demonstrates how to persist running workflows to disk when an application shuts down, and how to reload unloaded workflows when events need to be delivered to them.

Custom Persistence Service Sample

Demonstrates how the engine unloads a workflow by saving the workflow instance state through a custom persistence service when the workflow waits during a DelayActivity activity.

Using Persistence Services Sample

Demonstrates how to use the out-of-box SqlWorkflowPersistenceService service, and how workflow instances are loaded and unloaded to and from memory by the application and the workflow runtime.

Raise Event to Load Workflow Sample

Demonstrates a document-approval scenario where the workflow is unloaded from memory when it is idle and loaded back into memory upon event arrival.

Workflow Threading Sample

Shows the differences between running a workflow using the Manual Threading model or the default CLR (common language runtime) threading model. It also demonstrates the threading impact of using the DelayActivity activity in a workflow.

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