Communications Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate the different activities that are available for object communication between workflows and other objects.

In This Section

Correlated Local Service Sample

Demonstrates the use of correlation attributes with local services to raise correlated events to a workflow instance.

Host Communication Sample

Demonstrates communication with the workflow host application using a local service.

Listen Sample

Introduces the ListenActivity activity, which is a composite activity that blocks and waits for one of n child branches to occur. Each child branch is a sequence with a blocking activity as a first step. Exactly one of the branches of a Listen activity will execute.

Simple Input Sample

Illustrates the use of queues to send data into a workflow.

State Machine Communication Sample

Demonstrates the use of communication activities in a state machine workflow.

Web Service Sample

Demonstrates how Web services can be invoked from the workflow and how a workflow can be published as a Web service.

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