Windows Communication Foundation Extensibility Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate some Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) extensibility scenarios.

In This Section

  • DataContract Surrogate
    Demonstrates how processes such as serialization, deserialization, schema export, and schema import can be customized using a data contract surrogate class. This sample shows how to use a surrogate in a client and server scenario where data is serialized and transmitted between a WCF client and service.
  • Operation Formatter and Operation Selector
    Demonstrates how WCF extensibility points can be used to allow message data in a different format from what WCF expects. By default, WCF formatters expect method parameters to be included under the <soap:body> element. The sample shows instead how to plug in a custom operation formatter that parses parameter data from an HTTP GET query string and invokes methods using that data.
  • Custom Service Host
    Demonstrates how to use a custom derivative of the ServiceHost class to alter the run-time behavior of a service. This approach provides a reusable alternative to configuring a large number of services in a common way. The sample also demonstrates how to use the ServiceHostFactory class to use a custom ServiceHost in the Internet Information Services (IIS) or Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) hosting environment.
  • Custom Message Filter
    Demonstrates how to replace the message filters that WCF uses to dispatch messages to endpoints.
  • Parameter Filter
    Demonstrates how to validate the parameters passed to a method before it is invoked.
  • Message Inspectors
    Demonstrates how to implement and configure client and service message inspectors.
  • Rules-Driven WCF Router
    Uses the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) rules engine to implement the core router functionality that determines where to forward a given message.

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