CommandText Element (SSDL)

The CommandText element in store schema definition language (SSDL) is a child of the Function element that allows you to define a SQL statement that is executed at the database. The CommandText element allows you to add functionality that is similar to a stored procedure in the database, but you define the CommandText element in the storage model.

The CommandText element cannot have child elements. The body of the CommandText element must be a valid SQL statement for the underlying database.

No attributes are applicable to the CommandText element.


The following example shows a Function element with a child CommandText element. Expose the UpdateProductInOrder function as a method on the ObjectContext by importing it into the conceptual model. For more information, see How to: Define Custom Functions in the Storage Model and How to: Import a Stored Procedure.

<Function Name="UpdateProductInOrder" IsComposable="false">
    UPDATE Orders
    SET ProductId = @productId
    WHERE OrderId = @orderId;
  <Parameter Name="productId"
  <Parameter Name="orderId"

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