Windows Workflow Foundation Programming

This topic applies to Windows Workflow Foundation 4 (WF4).

This section contains a set of primer topics that you should understand to become a proficient Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) programmer.

In This Section

  • Designing Workflows
    Topics that describe the flow-control paradigms used in workflow development.
  • Hosting Workflows
    Topics that describe the details for writing workflow host applications.
  • Workflow Services
    Topics that describe the programming model that supports writing services declaratively.
  • Workflow Persistence
    Topics that describe the options for automatically or manually persisting workflow data and unloading workflows from memory.
  • Migrating Workflows
    Topics that describe how to migrate workflows from previous versions of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).
  • Workflow Tracking and Tracing
    Topics that describe workflow tracking and tracing and how these features are used for monitoring workflow applications.
  • Workflow Security
    Discusses how to keep your workflow secure when using SQL and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Build Date: 2012-03-02