WindowChrome.ResizeBorderThickness Property

Gets or sets a value that indicates the width of the border that is used to resize a window.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Windows.Shell
Assembly:  Microsoft.Windows.Shell (in Microsoft.Windows.Shell.dll)


Public Property ResizeBorderThickness As Thickness
public Thickness ResizeBorderThickness { get; set; }
property Thickness ResizeBorderThickness {
    Thickness get ();
    void set (Thickness value);
member ResizeBorderThickness : Thickness with get, set
function get ResizeBorderThickness () : Thickness
function set ResizeBorderThickness (value : Thickness)

Property Value

Type: System.Windows.Thickness
The width of the border that is used to resize a window.

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field


Metadata properties set to true



Set the ResizeBorderThickness property to specify the width of the area where a user can click-and-drag to resize a window. The mouse pointer changes to resize arrows when it is moved over the resize border.

This property can be set to any non-negative double value. The values can be non-uniform. By default, the resize border will use system values to emulate the behavior of a standard window.

This area is only used to define the region that is used to resize the window; it does not have any visual elements associated with it. However, it does affect the layout of elements inside the resize border.

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