System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Server Namespace

[WCF RIA Services Version 1 Service Pack 2 is compatible with either .NET framework 4 or .NET Framework 4.5, and with either Silverlight 4 or Silverlight 5.]

Provides classes to use in server projects for creating domain services.


  Class Description
Public class ChangeSet Represents a set of changes to be processed by a DomainService.
Public class ChangeSetEntry Represents a domain operation to be performed on an entity.
Public class CodeProcessor Provides a base class for all CodeProcessor implementations.
Public class DeleteAttribute Specifies that a DomainService method is a delete method.
Public class DomainException Indicates that an unrecoverable error has occurred during the execution of a domain operation.
Public class DomainOperationEntry Represents a domain operation method in a DomainService.
Public class DomainOperationParameter Represents a parameter of a DomainOperation.
Public class DomainService Provides a base class for all DomainService implementations.
Public class DomainServiceContext Represents the execution environment for the operations performed by a DomainService.
Public class DomainServiceDescription Represents information about a DomainService.
Public class DomainServiceDescriptionProvider Creates the DomainServiceDescription for a DomainService.
Public class DomainServiceDescriptionProviderAttribute Specifies the DomainServiceDescriptionProvider for the DomainService type.
Public class DomainServiceErrorInfo Provides information about an unrecoverable error that occurs during the processing of a DomainService operation.
Public class ExcludeAttribute Specifies that an entity member will not exist in the code-generated client view of the entity, and that the value should never be sent to the client.
Public class IgnoreAttribute Specifies that a method on a DomainService is not a domain operation.
Public class IncludeAttribute Specifies that the association should be part of any code-generated client entities.
Public class InsertAttribute Specifies that a DomainService method is an insert method.
Public class InvokeAttribute Specifies that a DomainService method is an invoke operation.
Public class InvokeDescription Represents an invoke operation to be processed by a domain service.
Public class OutputCacheAttribute Provides a declarative way to enable output caching.
Public class QueryAttribute Specifies that a DomainService method is a query method.
Public class QueryDescription Represents a query operation to be processed by a DomainService.
Public class RequiresAuthenticationAttribute Specifies that a domain operation can only be invoked by an authenticated user.
Public class RequiresRoleAttribute Specifies a set of roles that are permitted to invoke a DomainOperationEntry.
Public class UpdateAttribute Specifies that a DomainService method is an update method.
Public class ValidationResultInfo Contains information about the error that occurred during execution of an operation on the server.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDomainServiceFactory Provides an interface for DomainService factory implementations.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChangeOperation Specifies the change operations that can be performed on an object.
Public enumeration DomainOperation Specifies the operations that a DomainService can perform.
Public enumeration DomainOperationType Specifies the type of domain operation that is being executed.
Public enumeration OutputCacheLocation Specifies the values for controlling the location of the output-cached HTTP response for a resource.