Workflow Manager 1.0 Getting Started Tutorial


Updated: May 10, 2013

This tutorial provides an introduction to creating and hosting workflows using Workflow Manager 1.0. The sample in this tutorial provides an example of creating a custom activity that retrieves products from the Northwind sample database, and an example of creating a workflow that uses this activity to enumerate the returned products. It shows how to create a scope, publish the activity and the workflow to the scope, and then create a workflow client application that starts the workflow. This tutorial also provides a demo of the Workflow Explorer sample application which provides a graphical way to inspect the scopes and workflow artifacts of a Workflow Manager server.


To watch a video walkthrough, or download a completed version of the tutorial, see Workflow Manager 1.0 - Getting Started Tutorial.

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This tutorial focuses on Workflow Manager 1.0 and workflow features relating to Workflow Manager. For more information and a tutorial that provides an introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), see Windows Workflow Foundation (WF45) Getting Started Tutorial.