Messaging in Workflow Manager 1.0


Updated: July 13, 2012

Workflows, both long-running and short-running, commonly rely on message-based correlation and activation in order to start an instance of the process or resume an existing instance that is waiting for input. These workflows are also commonly used to orchestrate RESTful web service calls. This can be accomplished using out-of-the-box functionality. In addition, Workflow Manager 1.0 leverages the Service Bus brokered messaging features in order to ensure that those workflows can receive and send messages that are consistent with the state of the workflow instance. The following sections highlight how Workflow Manager 1.0 enables a variety of messaging scenarios and patterns.

In This Section

Inbound Messaging
Describes how to subscribe workflows to inbound messages.

Outbound Messaging
This topic describes how to use one-way outbound messaging, and two-way request/response messaging.

Messaging Delivery Guarantees and Safe Delivery
This topic describes how to guarantee message delivery without usingDistributed Transaction Coordinator.