Create the CRM Sandbox Processing Service Account

Use the following procedure to create a domain user account for the CRM Sandbox Processing service.

  1. Create a domain user account for the CRM Sandbox service, such as CRMSandboxSvc.

    1. Consider creating unique accounts for each CRM deployment group to limit the scope of rights for the account across the domain systems.
    2. Ensure this account has a secure (non-blank) password.
    3. Ensure the password for this account is not set to expire, or that a process is in place to manage the password changes if you have a password expiration policy.
  2. Add the CRM Sandbox service account to the Performance Log Users group on the CRM Sandbox servers.

    For more details on the permissions required, see the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sandbox Processing Service" section at Minimum permissions required for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup, services, and components.