On-Premises Scenario 2: Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use the E-mail Router for outgoing e-mail and a forward mailbox for incoming e-mail

This section describes how to configure a system in which e-mail is routed in the following ways:

  • The E-mail Router is used to send outgoing e-mail that users create in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • A forward mailbox receives incoming e-mail and transfers it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for individual users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the E-mail Router, and a forward mailbox, complete the following procedures:

  1. Configure the outgoing e-mail profile

  2. Configure the incoming e-mail profile

  3. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment

  4. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forward mailbox

  5. Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to use a forward mailbox

  6. Deploy the Exchange rule using the Rule Deployment Wizard

  7. Test and publish the new outgoing profile and deployment