Online Scenario 3: Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use the E-mail Router for outgoing e-mail and a forward mailbox for incoming e-mail

This section describes how to configure a system in which e-mail is routed in the following ways:

  • The E-mail Router is used to send outgoing e-mail that users create in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • A forward mailbox receives incoming e-mail and transfers it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for individual users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the E-mail Router, and a forward mailbox, complete the following procedures.


If your organization used the E-mail Router in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, you can re-use the configuration profiles that you created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. If this is the case, skip the first two of the following procedures and go on to Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.

  1. Configure the outgoing e-mail profile

  2. Configure the incoming e-mail profile

  3. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment

  4. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forward mailbox

  5. Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to use a forward mailbox

  6. Deploy the Exchange rules manually through Exchange Online

  7. Test and publish the new outgoing profile and deployment