On-Premises Scenario 3: Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook as the incoming and outgoing e-mail client

If all Microsoft Dynamics CRM users will use Microsoft Outlook as the E-mail Router, you do not have to install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router or the Rule Deployment Wizard.


If you configure Microsoft Outlook as the E-mail Router, Microsoft Outlook must remain open on the client computer for e-mail messages to be sent from and received into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For example, if a user is sending an e-mail message from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client, the user must also have Microsoft Outlook open.

If Microsoft Outlook is not open and an e-mail message is sent or expected to be received into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this action will not occur until Microsoft Outlook is opened. After Microsoft Outlook is opened and has successfully connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to the e-mail server, outgoing e-mail will be sent from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and incoming e-mail will be received and created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook as the incoming and outgoing E-mail Router, perform the steps in the following procedures: