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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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You can add hidden and special parameters in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports. For example, you can use these parameters for data filtering and dynamic drill-through.

Note The maximum length of the parameter values that are passed in from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is 2,000 characters. For example, if you run a report and create a data filter through the Advanced Find user interface, the resulting filter expression that is passed to a filter parameter cannot exceed 2,000 characters.

Hidden Parameters

Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer has built-in support for hiding parameters. In addition, you can hide parameters by adding a CRM_ prefix to the parameter name in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM report. By default, the parameters with a CRM_ prefix are hidden when the report is published through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When you run the report, you are not prompted to enter parameter values for the hidden parameters.

Special Parameters

There are special hidden parameters that you can use in your reports as shown in the following table.

Parameter Description
CRM_FilterText The CRM_FilterText parameter contains the value of the filter text that a report user interactively creates in the Report Viewer when they run a report. The parameter is frequently seen in a filter summary text box that is located in the report header. The initial value is set to the default filter.
CRM_URL The CRM_URL parameter is set to the URL of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application. This parameter is for use when drilling through to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
CRM_FilteredEntity The CRM_FilteredEntity parameters are used in a query expression to enable data pre-filtering (through Advanced Find) on a filtered view.

You must create all parameters in a report before you can refer to them. The values of these special parameters are filled in by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system when you run the report from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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