SdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig Privileges

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

The following table lists the privileges for the sdkmessageprocessingstepsecureconfig entity. The role names are abbreviated. See Appendix A: Security Roles and Privileges for the complete names.

Privilege name Privilege GUID Allowed Scope Access right CEO Bus Mgr VP Sales Sales Mgr Sales person CSR CSR Mgr Mktg Prof Sys Admin Sched Mgr VP Mktg Mktg Mgr Scheduler Sys Customizer Support User
prvCreateSdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig {1BD35330-06E3-4495-8C8D-BAABF5F0208A} Global CREATE Global Global
prvReadSdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig {A629BCA1-FEFB-4b4c-A4E2-3401EFF833D4} Global READ Global Global Global
prvWriteSdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig {51AA61B6-C2F7-4bd7-BE1E-5EA0F3AF463F} Global WRITE Global Global
prvDeleteSdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig {E63E21E5-C2AF-4807-B5CA-78F257FC007F} Global DELETE Global Global

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