control Element (FormXML)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The control element defines the behavior of the field in the form.

Element Information

Number of occurrences 0 or 1
Parent elements cell
Child elements parameters
XPath //FormXml/forms/entity/form/tabs/tab/sections/section/rows/row/cell/control


Name Description Type Use
addedby Identifies the name of the ISV or customizer that added the element. String Optional
classid Specifies the unique ID for the control used for the field. GUID Required
datafieldname Matches the control to the name of the data field. String Optional
disabled Matches the field display property Field is read-only. Boolean Optional
id Represents a string that uniquely identifies the control on the form. This is usually the same as the datafield name. String Required


The classid corresponds to the following field types:

Description GUID
Check Box {B0C6723A-8503-4fd7-BB28-C8A06AC933C2}
DateTime {5B773807-9FB2-42db-97C3-7A91EFF8ADFF}
Decimal {C3EFE0C3-0EC6-42be-8349-CBD9079DFD8E}
Duration {AA987274-CE4E-4271-A803-66164311A958}
Email Address {ADA2203E-B4CD-49be-9DDF-234642B43B52}
Email Body {6F3FB987-393B-4d2d-859F-9D0F0349B6AD}
Float {0D2C745A-E5A8-4c8f-BA63-C6D3BB604660}
IFrame {FD2A7985-3187-444e-908D-6624B21F69C0}
Integer {C6D124CA-7EDA-4a60-AEA9-7FB8D318B68F}
Language {671A9387-CA5A-4d1e-8AB7-06E39DDCF6B5}
Lookup {270BD3DB-D9AF-4782-9025-509E298DEC0A}
Money {533B9E00-756B-4312-95A0-DC888637AC78}
Notes {06375649-c143-495e-a496-c962e5b4488e}
Party List Lookup {CBFB742C-14E7-4a17-96BB-1A13F7F64AA2}
Picklist {3EF39988-22BB-4f0b-BBBE-64B5A3748AEE}
Radio buttons {67FAC785-CD58-4f9f-ABB3-4B7DDC6ED5ED}
Regarding Lookup {F3015350-44A2-4aa0-97B5-00166532B5E9}
Status Reason {5D68B988-0661-4db2-BC3E-17598AD3BE6C}
Text Area {E0DECE4B-6FC8-4a8f-A065-082708572369}
Text Box {4273EDBD-AC1D-40d3-9FB2-095C621B552D}
Ticker Symbol {1E1FC551-F7A8-43af-AC34-A8DC35C7B6D4}
Time Zone Picklist {7C624A0B-F59E-493d-9583-638D34759266}
Url {71716B6C-711E-476c-8AB8-5D11542BFB47}


The following code sample shows the use of the control element.


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