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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table lists the form elements in the customizations.xml file. The FormXML element is the root node.

Element Name Description
AutoResolve Matches the field display property Turn off automatic resolutions in field.
border Controls whether to display a border around the IFRAME.
cell Defines properties for a field in a form.
control Defines the behavior of the field in the form.
data Creates hidden fields to provide script access to data not displayed in the form.
dependencies Specifies the group of any dependencies set for an event.
dependency Establishes a dependency that prevents a field from being removed from the form using the form customization capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.
entity Represents the entity for all forms in the forms element.
event Describes the event to apply a script.
events Groups one or more events for a form or field.
externaldependencies Describes any fields in a form that code external to the form scripts might depend on, for example JScript code in an ISV.Config button element.
form Describes a form.
forms Groups the forms for an entity element.
FormXML Root element for the form data for an entity.
label Provides localized label text for a specific language.
labels Groups labels for a tab, section, or field.
parameters Groups possible parameters for a field.
PassParameters Indicates if a querystring parameter should be appended to the Url set of an IFrame.
row Describes a row used to organize the layout of a section of a form.
rows Groups rows to be displayed in a section of a form.
script Contains the JScript code for an event.
Scrolling Configures whether an IFrame element will allow scrolling.
section Defines a section for the layout of a form.
sections Groups the sections available in a tab element.
Security Sets the property in an IFrame field that restricts cross-frame scripting.
tab Represents a tab in a form.
tabs Groups the tab elements in a form.
Url Sets the default Url for an IFrame in a form.

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