Saved Query XML Reference

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table lists the saved query elements in the customization XML file. The SavedQueries element is the root node.

Element Name Description
ascend Specifies the attribute (column) in the columnset which will be sorted in ascending order.
cell Describes a field returned in the layoutxml of a saved query.
column Describes a field returned in a saved query using columnsetxml.
columnset Describes a group of columns to return when columnsetxml is used ina saved query.
columnsetxml Defines a set of columns to return in a saved query.
customizationlevel Indicates if the query is a system query or a custom query.
descend Specifies the attribute (column) in the columnset which will be sorted in descending order.
Description Provides a description in a specific language for the parent of the Descriptions element.
Descriptions Specifies a group of descriptions for different languages.
fetchxml Describes the data to return in the saved query using the FetchXML language.
grid Defines a grid structure for the presentation of data in a saved query.
iscustomizable Indicates that the saved query is customizable.
isdefault Indicates that the saved query represents the default view of an entity.
isprivate Deprecated.
isquickfindquery Indicates whether the saved query represents a quick find view.
isuserdefined Deprecated.
layoutxml Defines a grid that displays results from the saved query.
LocalizedName Provides a localized name for the saved query.
LocalizedNames Specifies a group of LocalizedName elements for the saved query.
queryapi For internal use only.
querytype Describes the type of the query.
returnedtypecode Describes the entity information returned using the entity type code.
row Contains a row in a grid for a saved query.
savedqueries Groups all the saved queries.
SavedQueries Groups all the saved queries for a particular entity.
savedquery Defines a saved query.
savedqueryid Defines an ID value for a saved query.
savedqueryidunique Contains a GUID value that uniquely identifies the saved query.

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