Support for Editing the Customization File

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

The root element of the customizations.xml file is ImportExportXml. The ImportExportXml element has 11 child nodes:

  • Entities
  • Roles
  • Workflows
  • Templates
  • IsvConfig
  • RelationshipRoles
  • SiteMap
  • EntityMaps
  • EntityRelationships
  • OrganizationSettings
  • Languages

Only four of the ImportExportXml child nodes are documented and supported for manual editing. These nodes are:

  • //Entities/Entity/FormXml
  • //Entities/Entity/SavedQueries
  • //IsvConfig
  • //SiteMap

The remaining nodes of an exported customization file should not be manually edited. These nodes should be edited using the application and then exported.

To edit customizations and configurations programmatically, see Web Service Access to Customizations for supported methods of accessing and modifying customizations.

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