Visualizations (Charts)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Visualizations are visual representation of data, and can display data in various forms. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online supports visualizations in the form of charts. Charts enable you to view aggregated summaries of the data. For example, a bar chart displays data in the form of a bar diagram, a pie chart displays data in a circular form where the circle is divided into multiple sectors, and so on. Charts are built using the Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. For more information about the Microsoft Chart Controls, see Chart Controls for .NET Framework.

A chart is attached to a view, and you can attach multiple charts to a view. A chart is an organization-owned entity (savedqueryvisualization) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and you can attach a chart only to an organization-owned view (savedquery). This implies that a chart can display data only from a saved query.

Because a chart is an organization-owned entity, it is available across the organization. However, to create, update or delete a chart, you must have the System Administrator or System Customizer role in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Moreover, you must have the Append To privilege on a view to be able to attach a chart to the view. After you create, update, or delete a chart, you must publish the underlying view (to which the chart is attached) to make the changes available across the organization.

The charts are displayed on the Home page of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can choose the charts that you want to be displayed on the Home page. Moreover, you can also specify how many charts (a maximum of four) should be displayed simultaneously on the Home page. When you click on a chart on the Home page, it displays the underlying grid data that is used to display the chart.

Visualizations (Charts) are supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only.

In This Section

Create a Visualization (Chart)

Provides information about how to create a visualization (chart).

Retrieve a Visualization (Chart)

Describes how to retrieve a visualization (chart).

Visualization (Chart) Samples

Describes different chart types that come out-of-box with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Chart (savedqueryvisualization) Entity Capabilities

Describes the capabilities of the entity used to describe a chart: saved query visualization (chart).

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