Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router Installation Instructions

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router is a software component that provides an interface between the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, SMTP, or a POP3-compliant e-mail server. When E-mail Router is installed, it transfers e-mail messages to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and it sends outgoing e-mail messages.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system stores e-mail messages as activity records. These e-mail activity records are stored in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and include both the contents of the e-mail message, such as the text of the message and its subject line, and relevant associations with other Microsoft Dynamics CRM records. For example, when a salesperson replies to a customer about a case, the salesperson creates an e-mail activity record that includes the text of the message plus information associating the e-mail activity record with the correct case record.


For more information about E-mail Router, including system requirements and information about how to plan your installation, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Planning Guide.

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