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Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing stores media outlets in user definable “folders,” so you can organize media outlets in any way that makes sense. Email List, Insert Program, Outdoor, List, Mailing List (Rented) Magazine, Mobile, Newspaper, Web, Radio, Search Engine, Social Media and TV are all examples of media outlets.

To use media effectively, you can do the following:

  • Set up Media Outlets folders. Only Administrators can create Media Outlets folders. Common organizational approaches are to organize Media Outlets by type, by Market, by Client, or by Product. Some organizations organize Media Outlets by Buyer; each Buyer places the Media Outlets they work with in a separate folder. There is no right or wrong way to organize your media outlets, and you can change approaches at any time.

  • Use Markets and - if relevant - define your target demographics. It's best to have these entities setup in advance so that you can immediately associate media outlets with their market and demographic segments. More information: Markets.

  • Create Contact records for all your Ad Sales Reps and List Brokers. You'll need these Contacts to be able to create media Orders.


To work with media outlets, you must have the Media Buyer user type and also have user privileges for working with at least one type of outlet. More information: Work with user accounts and staff contacts.

View and manage media outlets

To work with media outlets, go to Assets & Media > Media Planning > Media Outlets. This brings you to the Media Outlets list page, which provides many of the standard controls for searching, sorting, filtering, adding, removing and viewing items in the list, plus other common features. See Learn how to work and get around in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for details about how to use these common controls.

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