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Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

Use Assets and Media in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to:

  • Track what you spend and what you buy.

  • Track how well your money is spent; for instance, find out if the advertising you have bought truly achieves your objectives.

  • Buy efficiently with the least possible effort and at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you buy only one thousand dollars’ worth of media or millions each month, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing can help you do your job faster. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing links media outlets (publications, stations, etc.), campaigns, jobs, programs, websites, expenses, markets, budgets and results with media buying. Most of the information is available with a few mouse clicks from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

How media planning and buying works

Media planning and buying in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is based upon the following functions:

  • Marketers try to target groups of people who are likely to buy their products and services. These target markets are the focus of all marketing activity. To help, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides a database of markets/market segments and demographics.

  • Media outlets are vehicles for reaching target markets. Marketers maintain lists and databases of media outlets. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing maintains a database of available media outlets; when you buy media, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing creates a link back to the media database. With a couple of clicks you can see every media buy for each media outlet on screen. The media database stores information about all the media outlets you use, want to use, or have used. The media database includes:

    • Ordering - cost, availability, etc. The media database includes detailed information about the different types of placements that are available.

    • Media contact information.

    • Circulation, audience, rating points, and other measures of reach.

    • Contracts and agreement. If you have a contract with the media outlet, you can store it here.

  • Marketers execute campaigns or media plans. You need to be able to associate the media you buy with the appropriate campaign so that you can determine which campaigns are effective and which aren’t.

    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides a database of campaigns. Media buys are linked to their respective campaigns.

    • When you buy media it can be associated with a campaign. You can see which media buys were done for each campaign.

    • Some media buys generate response and others don't. It's easy to track the number of calls received on each phone number and to track results. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing lets you associate a phone number with each placement and track the results, whether the results are phone calls, inquiries, registrations, event attendees, orders, or revenue. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing makes it easy to see which media buys generate activity on which phone numbers.

    • When you buy media you can associate the URL or website used in it, too. See which media buys generate activity on which websites with a few clicks. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

    • enables you to associate market and demographic characteristics with each media buy.

    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing lets you create detailed budgets for campaigns and media buys and track your actual expenses versus budget at any time.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing tracks different information about each media type. There are significant differences in what information is needed to plan and buy different types of media. For example, buying spot TV is different from buying direct mail lists.

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