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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, the powerful, integrated marketing management solution from Microsoft. With Dynamics Marketing you’ll get exceptional insight, control over budgets and resources, and be able to create automated, measurable multi-channel campaigns to deliver tangible results.


Before you start using Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, you should review the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Readme. We also encourage you to review the Privacy Statement to learn how Microsoft is protecting your information. You may also want to read the Financial Security Disclaimer for clarification about budget management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Online learning and teaching resources

To help you get started and to continue learning as you explore and master Dynamics Marketing, we provide a variety of online learning, reference and teaching resources, starting with this online help and going on to include eBooks, videos, multimedia demos, courses, and more.

  • Guided tour: If you are entirely new to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, then our product pages are a good place to start to learn what the system can do. Here, you can see an overview of the most important features, benefits, and applications for the system—and also take a multimedia guided tour.

  • Feature Walkthroughs: This series of step-by-step tutorials will guide you through all of the basics of working and getting around in Dynamics Marketing, including detailed procedures for working with contacts, companies, lists, automated campaigns, landing pages, email marketing, email performance, behavior analysis, lead generation, lead scoring, and more.

  • Dynamics Marketing Videos and eBooks: For high-level, illustrated overviews, tips and tricks see our collection of Dynamics Marketing eBooks and videos, available in the Customer Help Center.

  • Customer Help Center home: The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Customer Help Center hosts the online help manual you are reading right now, and also provides links to other resources, including several of those also listed here.

  • Online help table of contents: Browse all online help topics using the table of contents. You can also get to this manual by choosing the ? button in the upper-right corner of any page in Dynamics Marketing; this will bring you directly to the help topic most relevant for the page you are viewing.

  • Training and adoption kit (PowerPoint format): To help you create custom training materials for use within your own organization, Microsoft provides an editable eBook template, which you can customize any way you like. Replace images and screen shots, edit the text, use your own logo — whatever works to make your training materials match your own processes and style.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing articles on TechNet: Read the latest technical articles, whitepapers, walkthroughs and other technical materials related to Dynamics Marketing.

  • Developer center home: If you are a developer creating new solutions and integrations for Dynamics Marketing, then check our developer center for a programmers’ reference, sample code and more.

  • The Microsoft IT Academy website: Currently offers two online courses that will teach you how to work with Dynamics Marketing (registration required). To find them, sign up for an account, go to the Microsoft IT Academy website and search for the following two course numbers: 80636 and 80635.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Translation Guide: Shows which languages Dynamics Marketing is translated into.

System overview

Here is a brief overview of solutions that Microsoft Dynamics Marketing can provide for you. Everything here can be tailored to your job.

Overview diagram of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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