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Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

Microsoft Social Engagement works by searching through various social media channels to find out what people are saying about a topic. Therefore, to make use of the feature, you need to design search topics so that they produce results that are interesting to you. Usually, this means searching for words related to your company, brands, products, and campaigns. Constructing these search terms is very similar to constructing terms when searching with Bing or Google. The search terms are hosted on the Social Engagement server, but you’re able to create, view and edit them from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Later, when you’re placing Social Engagement widgets, you must specify which search topic that widget should display.


The search terms listed in Dynamics Marketing aren’t automatically imported from Social Engagement. You must use the Import button the first time you visit this page and anytime thereafter when you need to update to the latest list from Social Engagement. However, your widgets will always pull the latest data from Social Engagement.


Social Engagement recently introduced two new search topic types optimized for Facebook and Twitter. However, Dynamics Marketing doesn’t yet support these new types, so they’ll be skipped during import if they exist. Only the legacy keyword search topics will be imported. Note that the Facebook and Twitter sites are both included when you use legacy keyword search topics.

View, create, and edit search topics

  1. Go to Settings > My Company > Social Search Topics. This displays a list view, which includes many of the usual filtering, sorting and toolbar controls (see also Learn how to work and get around in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing).

  2. If the list is empty, or if you have updated the list of search terms in Social Engagement since the last time you imported them, choose the Import button to fetch the current list of terms.

  3. Either open an existing topic or choose New to create a new one. Set up your search topic by making the following settings:

    • Name: Enter a recognizable name for your search topic. This is the value that you and other users will see when selecting a topic for your widgets.

    • Category: Select a category from the drop-down list. Use categories to help organize your topics; this setting doesn’t affect the search results.

    • Keywords: These are the primary strings (or string) that you’ll search for. This might typically be the name of your brand or campaign, just as you might search for it on Bing or Google. Multiple words separated by spaces will be treated as a phrase. Words or phrases separated by commas will be treated as separate searches (with an “or” operator).

    • Inclusions: Words or phrases that you enter here act to modify the search by making it more specific. The search will return hits where both a keyword and one of these words/phrases are present (as with an “and” operator). Words or phrases separated by commas will be treated as separate searches (with an “or” operator, each combined with “and” with each keyword).

    • Exclusions: These work like inclusions, except the operator is “and not”; that is, social-media messages that include the words listed here will be removed from your results.

  4. Choose Save or Submit to save your settings. Your settings will be exported directly to the Microsoft Social Engagement server.


The Microsoft Social Engagement interface provides a few more settings for your search terms, which aren’t available in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. To work with these, choose the Go to advanced configuration in Social Engagement link.

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