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Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

Microsoft Social Engagement provides insight into how people are talking about your company, brands, product and campaigns on social media. Connect it with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to monitor social-media reactions from inside your marketing solution. With an integrated solution, you’ll be able to place Social Engagement widgets on your home page and side dock to get a global view; or, place widgets on your company or campaign maintain pages to keep an eye on social-media reactions to specific marketing initiatives.

Enable Social Engagement for Dynamics Marketing

To enable the connection, do the following:

  1. Purchase Microsoft Social Engagement licenses and assign them to users as needed using your Microsoft Office 365 portal.

  2. Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and go to Settings > Administration > Social Engagement Options.

  3. Mark the Enable Social Engagement check box to turn on the feature.

  4. Enter the URL for your Social Engagement instance in the Social Engagement Server URL field. You’ll receive the link required here in an email when you sign up for Microsoft Social Engagement.

  5. Configure the roles and privileges for the relevant users of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to grant them access to Social Engagement features. (Grant the View All Social Engagement privilege.) For more information, see Work with user accounts and staff contacts.

  6. Fold down the Additional Admin Options section and choose the Social Engagement User Management link to go to the user-management page for Social Engagement. From there, configure roles for the same users in Social Engagement. See the Social Engagement online help for details.

  7. Choose the Social Engagement Terms link to view the license/subscription agreement for Microsoft Social Engagement and read it carefully. If you agree to its terms, then return here and mark the I agree… check box.

  8. Choose Submit to save your settings.

Test your Social Engagement connection

To check whether your Social Engagement connection is working, try one or both of the following:

  • As described in the previous procedure, go to the Social Engagement Options page, fold down the Additional Admin Options section and choose the Social Engagement User Management link under Configure User Roles. If the link works, then you have entered the correct URL for your Social Engagement instance.

  • Go to the Home page and try to add a Social Engagement widget. You may be asked to sign into Social Engagement. If you are able to sign in and the widget works, then your connection is fully operational.

Release Social Engagement licenses

If you need to free up some Social Engagement licenses, you might consider removing Social Engagement access from some of your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing users. To do so, you must remove access privileges from the affected users in both Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Engagement and, finally, remove the licenses in your Microsoft Office 365 portal. You can now reassign the licenses.

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