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Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has been discontinued and is no longer available. All customer data related to this product has been permanently deleted from all Microsoft servers and is no longer available for extraction. This documentation is being provided for historical purposes only.

This topic provides details about the default field mapping between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. You can easily modify data mapping between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Marketing on an entity-by-entity basis by using the interactive mapping editor. More information:Configure the SDK and Dynamics 365 Connector.


The connector is able to map and sync user-defined fields (UDFs) for most entities that support them. Custom contact fields (which are special for the Contact entity, More information:Create custom contact fields for market segmentation) can also be mapped and synced, but a few special rules apply:

  • Custom contact fields defined for the site company are always available for mapping to Dynamics 365 fields.

  • For custom contact fields defined on client companies, fields that have the same names as custom contact fields also defined and mapped for the site company will be synced, but other, client-only, custom contact fields are not available for mapping.

  • Don’t change the site company while an initial sync is progressing. Always perform an initial sync after changing the site company to validate the connector mappings.

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Data type mappings

When you are setting up your own mappings, keep in mind that the data types must match on each side of each mapping. However, different terminology is used in each system. Refer to the following table for details about how the different type terminologies map to each other.

Dynamics Marketing field type

Sync Direction

Dynamics 365 field type



Option Set



Two Options



Date and Time

External Entity


Single Line of Text



Floating Point Number



Whole Number



Floating Point Number



Single Line of Text


  • Dates are synchronized between systems, but the HH:MM time selection is only available in Dynamics Marketing. 

  • External Entity field data can only be populated through the Dynamics Marketing SDK, after which it will synchronize to Dynamics 365 if a mapping is present.

  • Float and integer field distinctions are only available for custom contact fields. Other types of entities use user-defined fields (UDFs), which work differently from custom contact fields. Numerical UDFs for non-contact entities are only categorized as "Numeric" in the Languages area. More information:Create custom contact fields for market segmentation, Configure user defined fields

Connector entity mapping for master data

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing--Dynamics 365 master data map


The MOBILEPHONE field in Dynamics Marketing was previously used to hold opted-in mobile numbers for use with the SMS-marketing feature, which has been discontinued as of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.9. For non-staff contacts, this field is labeled Mobile (Opted-in) on the Contact maintenance page. This field is synced in just one direction to make it visible in Dynamics 365 while protecting it from being edited there (this functionality was required by the discontinued SMS-marketing feature, but still remains in the connector). To enable mobile numbers to be synced in both directions, use the MOBILE field instead.

Connector entity mapping for campaigns and leads

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing-Dynamics 365 campaign mapping


Once a value is set for the codename field for a campaign in Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 will lock that value. You can enter any value you like for the CAMPAIGNCODE in Dynamics Marketing until the initial sync of your new campaign, but after that the codename value will be permanent in Dynamics 365. However, the CAMPAIGNCODE field remains editable in Dynamics Marketing; if you edit the value here after the record has synced, then you will see different values for it when you open the campaign in Dynamics Marketing compared to the same campaign in Dynamics 365.

Connector entity mapping for lists and other data

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing- Dynamics 365 list mapping

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