Introduction to marketing entities


Applies To: Dynamics Marketing

In Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, entities are used to model and manage business data. An entity has a set of attributes and each attribute represents a data item of a particular type. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides you with multiple ways to interact with the available entities.

You can use APIs to:

  • Modify marketing list and email messages, or map additional information to marketing contacts. You can send and manage transactional marketing emails, and allow external systems to control lists through segments. More information: Manage lists and send transactional or commercial email, Provide customized data to your users

  • Register event and attendance records to generate possible interactions and lead scoring, or post marketing results from external systems. More information: Manage event registration and attendance

  • Allow third-parties to engage with Dynamics Marketing, and to clean marketing results received from external feeds. More information: Gain insights using email marketing results

  • Create, delete, and update marketing companies, marketing contacts and leads in Dynamics Marketing. More information: Manage leads, contacts, and company

  • Download free Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, connect Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both On-premises and Online), and start synchronizing marketing data. More information: Connect Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to Dynamics CRM

  • Get read-only access to a broader set of Dynamics Marketing data using OData feeds. The OData feeds are the only mechanism to access Dynamics Marketing data programmatically. OData represents an analytical model, specifically tailored for business intelligence and analytical purpose, which can be filtered and sorted. You can create custom reports using Excel and Power BI and easily discover and access the required data, model, analyze, and visualize it to drive insights. More information: OData feeds overview

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing entities support custom fields. However, you can’t interact with the custom fields through APIs. Custom fields are defined and set up by going to Home > Settings > Administration > Languages. To know how to configure already defined custom fields, see Create activities and set up user defined fields.


Entities in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing SDK don’t have public methods—they’re just data containers. The only interaction with the entity data is via SDK calls through messages. Instead of invoking operations on the entity, Dynamics Marketing calls the SDK service through SDK request messages. More information: Site configuration and integration settings

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