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What’s new for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update

The updated SDK package, named SDK.msi, is available for you to download.

Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.6 (August 2016)

A new message named RetrieveCategoryValuesRequest has been added. Refer to Sample: Create, read, and update a category for an example of using the message.

Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.5 (July 2016)

Support for Shared Access Signature (SAS) authentication of Microsoft Azure Service Bus queues has been added. You can now choose between ACS and SAS when configuring the queues. Your applications can access the queues using the chosen authentication mechanism. The code samples provided in this SDK have been updated to support both ACS and SAS authentication.

Use of SAS reduces the time to authenticate. By using SAS for each communication with the queues, some communication overhead is reduced resulting in a performance improvement. Your applications should experience increased queue synchronization speed and data throughput.

Use of SAS authentication requires Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.5 or later and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 or later. For more information about authentication see Service Bus authentication and authorization and the shared SDK client Sample code.

Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.4 (June 2016)

Additional support for paging of results

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing now supports paging through large batches of entity records of the following kinds.

Type of entity

Message request with paging support





Email marketing results


Email messages


Email messages


Marketing lists


Marketing lists


Event registrations


Missing contact permissions


Unprocessed email hard bounces


Event attendances




** These requests do not have a SkipNumbersOfRecords attribute. Use the NextBatchTokenGuid attribute instead.

Paging through a list of records can be achieved by sending multiple message requests to the Dynamics 365 web service where the MaxNumberOfRecords and SkipNumberOfRecordsparameters are set. Use MaxNumberOfRecords to control the page size of records and SkipNumbersOfRecords to specify the top of the page in the overall amount of records.

See Sample: Create, read, update, and delete a company (including UDF custom fields) for example code that demonstrates paging of results.

Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3 (April 2016)

Event registration payment and fulfillment

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing enables marketers to integrate external payment and fulfillment systems for event registration. This feature useslanding pages for event marketing and registration.

More information:Integrate online payment with event registration.

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