Manage event registration and attendance


Applies To: Dynamics Marketing

In Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, registration captures participants’ intention to attend, while attendance records participants’ actual presence at an event. Both registration and attendance for an event can be recorded through the Dynamics Marketing SDK and will be available separately for scoring. Leads can be scored separately based on event registration, actual attendance, or even attendance at the individual sessions. The attendance to an event can be added or updated using CreateOrUpdateEventAttendanceRequest and can be read from Dynamics Marketing through OData feeds or by using RetrieveEventAttendanceRequest or RetrieveEventAttendanceStatusesRequest. An existing event attendance can be cancelled by triggering a CancelEventAttendanceRequest.

To view the available events in Dynamics Marketing, sign in to your Dynamics Marketing instance and select Home > Marketing Execution > Event Management > Events. For more information on how to manage events in Dynamics Marketing, see Event Management, and for more information on how you can register contacts and view attendees see Create attendees and view attendance.


To view attendance, users must have an Edit/View Event User Role. More information: Add users, assign user privileges, assign users to roles

The event of subscribing and attending (or participating) in an event triggers scoring and creation of an interaction that may create a lead if none exists. You can configure an event to create leads similar to creating a landing page. Dynamics Marketing gives you the ability to create lead scoring for event registrations using refined scoring models and logic. Lead scoring models contain lead scoring rules that are applied to leads generated by one, several, or all of your campaigns. You can create multiple lead scoring models and use different lead scoring models for different campaigns. Each campaign can only have one lead scoring model associated with it. The interaction can be used for scoring in the scoring rules editor. The “multi” and “any” operator are available for selecting the event for a registration interactions. For example, you can score a lead based on an “any” operator, as in “score this lead higher if she has attended any event.” The marketing context of the event is mandatory according to the lead creation strategy on the BelongsToCompany property of the event.

For more information on how you can use Dynamics Marketing APIs to perform create, read, update, and delete operations on event registration and event attendance, see Sample: Create, read, update, and cancel event registration, and Sample: Create, read, update, and cancel event attendance.

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