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These articles will introduce you to best practices and other important techniques for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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  • Best practices for email delivery
    This whitepaper helps you identity the critical factors that affect the deliverability of your email messages and highlights good practices to help you choose a secure and reliable sending infrastructure, professional deliverability support, and good content for your recipients to help build your sender reputation.
  • Get the best of A/B Testing in email marketing
    This whitepaper helps you briefly understand the concept of A/B Testing, work with the flexibility and configurations offered by Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, and highlights best practices to adopt so you can get good results out of A/B Testing your email marketing.
  • Break down the silos between Marketing and Sales
    This article explains how you can empower your sales team to be more effective by providing visibility into the activities of and collaborating with their counterparts in your marketing team.

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