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Aug, 2014


This article provides best practices recommended by Microsoft for configuring Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To learn more about how to install and configure the connector solution and other components, see Connect Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to Dynamics CRM

Applies To

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring ‘14 and higher


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both on-premises and Online) can share marketing data through a free downloadable solution called Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector can be installed and configured by a Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator. When this is completed, marketing data changes in one application will be kept synchronized with the other application. Customers can use either marketing application to perform their work.

Back up entity maps regularly

Before you start customizing various entity mappings for Connector, make sure to create backups of your field mappings. Should anything go wrong with the customization (for instance, mappings to the custom CRM fields go wrong, the wrong CRM field name/category ID has been provided, or customizations in CRM are not available), you can easily reset the connector mapping to default or reimport a saved state of the mapping into the Connector.

Note that the system does not validate the mapping fully before import. Ideally you would configure and test the connector mapping in a staging system and when completed and tested the export and import into the live system. It is highly recommend to always keep a history of mappings in case you want to revert to previous field mappings.

Perform mapping changes before triggering initial sync

Make sure that you have the most recent version of CRM solution applied on your CRM instance. During full configuration of Connector, the available fields for mapping in the given set of Dynamics Marketing entities are presented as fields, which can be mapped to respective CRM entity fields. You can modify data mapping in the mapping editor. For example, you can map additional user defined fields from Dynamics Marketing to custom fields in CRM or disable certain fields or even entities to be mapped and thereby synced.


For CRM fields you must enter the internal field name; for CRM option set members you must enter the ordinal number of the value in the Dynamics Marketing mapping dialog.

The initial configuration once started will use the currently configured mapping. Therefore, it’s a good practice to resolve any Connector mapping issues before performing initial data synchronization.

Don’t restart services during initial sync

Wait for complete initial sync before you start working in Dynamics CRM or Dynamics Marketing.

Where to look for troubleshooting

All the errors encountered during the health check are captured in a downloadable log file. To download the Connector log,

  1. Select Home > Settings > Administrator > Integration Options.

  2. Click Download.

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