Desktop Viewer

You can use Management Reporter Desktop Viewer to complete the following tasks:

  • View generated reports.

  • Add comments to a report and view existing comments.

  • Drill down to transaction level data in Management Reporter.

  • Drill down to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system from the account level for more details about report data, such as transaction origination.

  • Export a report to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft XPS format, or save the report for storage. This is available for all user roles.

  • Search reports for keywords.

  • Initiate an instant message conversation while you are viewing a report.

  • Create a quick chart from report data.

Desktop Viewer supports bidirectional languages, which read right to left, such as Arabic.

To open Desktop Viewer, click Start, select All Programs, and then select the Microsoft Dynamics folder. Open the Management Reporter 2012 folder, and then click Report Viewer. This is the default location. Your administrator may have installed it in another location.


By default, your generated report will open in the Web Viewer. To make Desktop Viewer the default viewer, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then select Use Management Reporter Viewer as default viewer.

Depending on your permissions, you can view the latest version or a previously generated version of a report.

This topic contains the following procedures:

  • View a report

  • View a specific version of a report

View a report

  1. In Desktop Viewer, click Report Library in the navigation pane. Reports are listed in the viewer pane.

  2. Double-click the report to open the report in the viewer pane.

    • If the report uses a reporting tree, the reporting tree appears in the navigation pane.

    • If the report includes additional detail, a hyperlink appears when you move the pointer over the data. Double-click the report data to view the supporting detail. When you drill down into a report, you can navigate through the report views by clicking the Forward and Back buttons on the toolbar.

View a specific version of a report

  1. In Desktop Viewer, click Report Library in the navigation pane. Right-click a report, and then click Show Versions.

  2. Select the report version to view, and then click Open.

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