BankStmtBridgingBase::launchReport Method [AX 2012]

A static method that starts the SSRS report that uses the specified filters.


client server public static void launchReport(
    BankStmtISODocument _bankStmtISODocument, 
   [boolean _showDialog, 
    utcdatetime _fromDate, 
    utcdatetime _toDate])

Run On



  • _bankStmtISODocument
    Type: BankStmtISODocument Table
    The BankStmtISO_Document item that the discrepancy entries are to be reported.
  • _showDialog
    Type: boolean
    A Boolean parameter that indicates whether to show the parameter dialog box.
  • _fromDate
    Type: utcdatetime
    The _fromDate parameter value for the report.
  • _toDate
    Type: utcdatetime
    The toDate parameter value for the report.

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