DialogField.new Method [AX 2012]

Constructs an instance of the DialogField class.


public void new(
    Dialog _dialog, 
   [IdentifierName _typeName, 
    int _fieldNo, 
    boolean _ignoreEDTConstraints])

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  • _dialog
    Type: Dialog Class
    The instance of the Dialog class that contains this instance.
  • _typeName
    Type: IdentifierName Extended Data Type
    The name of the extended data type or enumeration type that this instance will be presenting to the user; optional.
  • _fieldNo
    Type: int
    The index of this instance into the list of DialogField class instances that are contained by the provided _dialog parameter; optional.
  • _ignoreEDTConstraints
    Type: boolean
    A Boolean value that indicates whether extended data type constraints should be ignored when the provided _typeName parameter is an extended data type; optional.

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