BOMCalcItemOperPhantom::newRoutePhantom Method [AX 2012]

Creates a new instance of the BOMCalcItemOperPhantom class.


server public static BOMCalcItemOperPhantom newRoutePhantom(
    Route _route, 
    BOMCalcItem _parentBOMCalcItem, 
    ItemId _parentItemId, 
    InventDim _parentInventDim, 
    Qty _parentConsumption, 
    Qty _parentSeriesSize, 
    BOMRoutePhantomData _phantomData, 
    Factor _phantomBOMFactor)

Run On



  • _route
    Type: Route Table
    The route for which the BOM calculation transaction should be calculated.
  • _parentBOMCalcItem
    Type: BOMCalcItem Class
    The BOMCalcItem class that belongs to this route.
  • _parentInventDim
    Type: InventDim Table
    The inventory dimension ID of the parent level.

Return Value

Type: BOMCalcItemOperPhantom Class
A new instance of the BOMCalcItemOperPhantom class.


This method is used during a BOM calculation to trigger the calculation of the route phantom lines.

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