BIDateDimensionManager::getDefaultCalendarHierarchies Method [AX 2012]

Retrieves the specified BIDateHierarchy record with a new or existing hierarchy for a date dimension in the BIDateDimension table.


server public static BIDateHierarchy getDefaultCalendarHierarchies(
    BIDateDimension _biDateDimension, 
   [BIDateHierarchy _biDateHierarchy, 
    boolean _commitData])

Run On



  • _biDateDimension
    Type: BIDateDimension Table
    A record from the BIDateDimension table that contains the details of a date dimension.
  • _biDateHierarchy
    Type: BIDateHierarchy Table
    A record in the BIDateHierarchy table to add the new hierarchies.
  • _commitData
    Type: boolean
    A Boolean flag that indicates whether to commit data to the database.

Return Value

Type: BIDateHierarchy Table
The records with new or existing hierarchy of the BIDateHierarchy table.

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