SysAutoRun.execRunXml Method [AX 2012]

Enables you to reference and run other SysAutoRun configuration .xml files.


protected boolean execRunXml(XmlNode _command)

Run On



  • _command
    Type: XmlNode Class
    The XML node to get the value from.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if execution is successful; otherwise, false.


The execRunXML method is called when the <RunXML> tag is used in the configuration file when Microsoft Dynamics AX is started. For more information, see the SysAutoRun class.

Execution of this method is controlled by the SysAutoRun.execCommand method.

The master settings in the file specified in the RunXML command are ignored. These values are inherited from the parent .xml file. The master settings are cwd, exitWhenDone, logFile, and logToScreen. These settings specify the following:

  • The current working directory

  • Whether Microsoft Dynamics AX should be closed after the .xml file has been executed

  • The path of the log file

  • Whether log information should be written to the Infolog or to the screen

The <RunXML> tag has the file attribute, which is the name and path of the .xml file to run.


The following example shows a possible use of the <RunXML> tag in the configuration file.

<RunXml file="\MyAutoRun.xml" />

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